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We advise on the best technologies for the humanitarian/development sectors.


We go to the field and collect data, manage it and provide analysis and GIS expertise.


We are far from a typical classroom. We’re more of an intense 5-days workshop.


We work with a variety of fantastic clients and partners.
Global Aid Hand
East African Ministries
Bosco Uganda
Medical Assistance Program International
Mercy Corps
Management Sciences for Health

“Really good overview of QGIS, including other relevant programs e.g google earth
Great sense of achievement when i finished my map
Able to ask questions and trainer adapted in order to accordingly to questions and students needs
Very patient trainer”

Hannah C. M&E/ ACTED

“Thanks and regards to instructor Omara who conducted this training successfully.
I really enjoyed the training, though it was short but i have acquired good knowledge about QGIS.
I enjoyed actually lots of things though i can’t remember most of them but i can mention a few of them:
-Data Visualization
-Satellite Imagery Analysis
and many more”

Silverio O. M&E/ACTED

“For me personally, the training has been so nice and enjoyable. I wish it could have been more than 4 days, but really this 4 days has been fruitful, because we have learnt a lot. This has already taken me to new levels of understanding in the area of GIS. I am looking forward to more of your training’s”.

Mirghani F. UNOCHA

“I am very happy for having attended your training it will really change my capabilities to more positive ones. “Come back again for more knowledge installation” Thank You.”

Sabrina G. M&E/ACTED

“Thanks to Geographic Information Solutions. I have enjoyed the training and will make sure i keep practicing to almost perfection. The road to my future career is open.
I wish there are more training’s like this in the future”.

Hillary O. A. Database Officer / GIZ South Sudan

“I want to thank you for the outstanding training during the week of 8 December 2014.

I came to your class not knowing much about GIS. The only sure thing I knew was what the acronym GIS represented. The 4-day training was very informative along with hands of training. Your trainer is very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions clearly.
I completed the training with a new found love for GIS, and I am confident that I can start my new career in GIS with the knowledge I obtained from your training. I recommend those who are seeking a good foundation knowledge in the field of GIS to register and participate in one of your upcoming training sessions”.

Bernard Taylor
Bernard T. Southern Adventist University, USA


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