GIS Services in Uganda


We go to the field and collect data, manage it, and provide analysis. We focus on the data and go where needed to get it. Our GIS Services in Uganda and South Sudan continues to improve mobile data collection and analysis efforts.

Collection: We assist with identifying the appropriate tools, deploying them, and using them in the field. We specialize in Mobile Data Collection and regularly are supporting field staff in challenging environments with this service.

Aggregation: We clean, collate, and summarize data into databases. We are experts with Excel.


Statistical analysis: We advise on how to interpret data and provide analysis of available data.

GIS (Geographical Information Systems) - We use GIS in the field and have a roster of experts available to support projects.

Dissemination/ reporting: We assist in the management of datasets and databases, improving how your organization handles information and reports.

Training: We conduct training's in English, Arabic and Swahilli on mobile data collection, data aggregation and analysis, and information management. This can be done at headquarters or in the field.

Evaluation: We deliver technical evaluations of current and prospective projects.


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iphone app ugandaAPP AND WEB DEVELOPMENT

We build cutting-edge tools using the latest technologies.

GIS Ltd uses the latest technologies. We can develop robust apps and web platforms based on your needs. We are glad to provide initial technical assessments of your needs prior to full development. Knowing what you want and what you need is essential before investing in new development.

We use the Agile methodology for development, ensuring better design and a more collaborative process.

Apps – We develop applications for humanitarian/development organizations.

Web – We develop web platforms for humanitarian/development organizations.

Data Collection Solutions – We manage and customize the ODK platform for organizations by developing unique modules.

Assessments – We provide early-stage guidance on identifying your technical needs. Before you invest in new technologies, we can ensure you have identified the correct specifications for your needs.

We develop for multiple devices.

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We advise on the best technologies for the humanitarian organizations.

GIS Ltd provides consulting services on the humanitarian innovations and technologies for interventions/projects.

Our team consists of experts in the humanitarian sector.

  • Innovation: We advise on current trends, innovations, and cutting-edge technologies at all stages of a project lifecycle.
  • Technology: We advise on the appropriate technologies which humanitarian organizations can use/deploy in the field.
  • Roster of experts: We manage a roster of experts who are willing to go to the field on projects and bolster our services. We can provide additional capacity for on short and medium term projects. Our specialists come from diverse fields and include generalists, project managers, app/web developers, GIS and ODK experts. GIS services in Uganda continues to grow and we will continue to be at the forefront of providing the best technical professionals to humanitarian organizations across Africa.


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