QGIS Tutorials

QGIS Tutorials
Self Guided QGIS Tutorial guide book
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 Materials are curated from various sources such as GeoAcademy, qgistutorials.com

001: Integrating Grid Lines to your QGIS Map Interface


Grids make your map look professional and it’s always great to have them, for this tutorial, you will learn how to activate grid lines to your map canvas.

Click on link below to download the tutorial in PDF Format


002: Inserting Grid Lines for Print

These Qgis tutorials picks up from the preview we did in the previous tutorial, while in the map interface, our objective was to have some cool features like Scale, Copyright, Arrow key on our map interface while designing our map,  those features won’t be integrated into the “Print Composer”  window automatically (its for a professional looking map interface while still designing–):)

Having said that lets integrate a permanent Grid line to our map interface for print.

Click on link below to download the tutorial in PDF Format


003: How to Import Customized UNOCHA Symbols to QGIS

QGIS comes with a number of symbols, including custom SVG Symbols, but sometimes we need the flexibility to integrate our own symbology. In this tutorial you will learn how to integrate “UNOCHA” symbols that are a standard for use in cartography for humanitarian projects around the world.

UNOCHA XML Symbols (Unzip before use): Download

Tutorial: Download

 004: Understanding Coordinate systems and Map projections

Objective – Explore and Understand Coordinate Systems and Map Projections

In this  Qgis tutorial lab, the student will explore the effects of various map projections on the characteristics of a map using QGIS.

Cordinate system tutorial


005: Vector Data Analysis – Overlay Techniques

Objective – Understanding Basic Vector Analysis Using Overlays


In this QGIS tutorial  lab, you will be learning about several powerful vector analysis tools. The tools are all considered overlay tools, since they produce outputs defined by how features overlap one another. You will be working with several datasets covering the Sierra National Forest in California. This lab includes the following tasks:

  • Task 1 – Clip
  • Task 2 – Intersection
  • Task 3 – Union
  • Task 4 – Join Attributes by Location
Dowload Vector analysis tutorial

006: GIS in Emergency Health: Cholera Outbreak Analysis using QGIS

cholera outbreak analysis using QGIS

007: Performing Basic Attribute Data Query in QGIS

Basic Attribute Query in QGIS